Custom Designs

** Due to maintenance and upgrades, we are not accepting any custom orders at this time. Thanks for understanding.

Do you have your own metal art design you would love to see come to life? Or perhaps you need a special size or design of one of our existing metal art silhouette signs or wall art? We'd love to help!


We are experienced in helping our customers take their ideas &designs through to production, creating beautiful one of a kind pieces. With a custom design, you also receive personalized service from the start! See some of our recent custom projects below.

Pricing: This will vary depending on size, design and thickness of material.The larger the piece, the thicker we may need to make it. Likewise if the application requires more stability (like a table top) we may make it thicker.
Note that if you request a price of something larger, the size goes up in height as well as width. So if we double the width, we also have to double the height and that means we use 4times the amount of material.