Privacy Policy

We understand that confidentiality is an important issue for our customers, and we take that responsibility seriously. Any information provided by you will not be shared with any 3rd party.

We do NOT sent out unsolicited mail, although you may subscribe to our seasonal newsletter for product updates and discount coupons. If you wish to stop receiving this information, you can unsubscribe from our electronic mailing list at any time.

Occasionally, spammers send out emails that look as though they come from our website, but do not. For example, they might have the heading of If you have not requested information from us, please be assured that these emails are not from us. If you are unsure, do not reply to those emails, but instead contact us direct and let us know. We can tell you right away if we have sent the email.

Cookies (small text file) - if you have found our site through one of our paid advertising sources or affiliate partners & if your browser accepts 3rd party cookies, a cookie may have been placed on your computer. This does not give us information about you but allows us to monitor which of our advertisements has been successful.

Credit card security

For security purposes, please do not send us credit card details by fax or email. If you pay by phone, your credit card details will be entered directly into our credit card system and never written down.

If you input your credit card details into the shopping cart, our merchant account is secure and hacker safe. Always check, when you enter your credit card number that the address at the top of the page is https:// and you have the locked padlock symbol at the bottom right of your screen which ensures the page is secure.


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